With rich, fertile soil and a temperate climate, the Harrison River Valley naturally has a deep-rooted history in agriculture. We invite you to experience everything this lush valley has to offer on our Agassiz/Harrison Circle Farm Tour! What is a Circle Farm Tour, you may ask? It’s a self-guided route that lets you experience the very best of agritourism, from the opportunity to purchase fresh products directly from the farm to sitting down at an eatery to taste delicious fare crafted from the finest local ingredients, to the fun experience of meeting the farm animals, and getting a taste of what daily life on a farm is like.

Download our Circle Farm Tour Guide and get ready for a tour that will delight your senses!

Explore our region with the Circle Farm Tour!
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The vibrance of Spring has come alive and there’s nothing like a fresh bouquet from a flower stand down the road and a few goodies to enjoy straight from the farm nearby to bring a bit of the ...

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Top 12 Winter Activities in Photos

The air is crisp, the lights are twinkling, and the storefronts are festive. It is the season for gathering your friends, family, or loved ones and taking in all the fun activities that only happen this time of ...

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Cozy Bites & Comfy Stays in the Harrison River Valley

Once again, autumn has descended upon the the Harrison River Valley; painting the region in rich jewel tones and transforming the damp air into morning mists that embrace mountains and weave ribbons of fog through forest branches. Summer’s ...

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Fall Events in the Harrison River Valley

Photo Credit: Rum Ragged on Facebook The busyness of summer has subsided but there’s no shortage of fun Fall events still happening in the Harrison River Valley! We’re celebrating all the best of the season with a variety ...

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