Harrison Lake

Harrison Lake

Harrison Lake is the largest lake in Southwestern BC

Accessed from Harrison Hot Springs, Harrison Lake is the largest lake in southwestern BC. The glacier-fed lake is about 60-kilometres long and 9km across at its widest point covering approximately 250 square kilometres.

Home to a wide variety of wildlife, the lake offers great opportunities for outdoor recreation. Whether you are into sailing, boating, windsurfing, kayaking, fishing or any combination of these Harrison Lake has something to offer. Have your own boat then head to the conveniently situated boat launch. Need to rent a boat check out our boat rental companies.

Weather and water conditions play a big role in your safety on the water. Before heading out on the lake, make sure you get the latest forecast. You should also be aware that Harrison Lake is known for its unpredictable weather conditions and like many other Canadian lakes, water temperatures can be very cold, particularly in the spring. The effects of cold water immersion are not to be ignored and wearing a PFD is absolutely essential.

For recreational boating or to participate in the many water sports, make sure you understand boating safety, practices and behaviours before you embark on these activities. For more information on water safety and drowning prevention visit lifesaving.bc.ca.

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