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The Rich Diversity of the Harrison Hot Springs Naturehood

A vacation in Harrison Hot Springs gives you access and a getaway to some of the best of supernatural BC. The Harrison River is the first river in Canada to receive the designation of Salmon Stronghold as the only area in BC to host all five species of salmon and steelhead trout. One of the key tributaries draining into the Harrison River is Weaver Creek which also boasts an incredible hatchery open to the public only during salmon spawning in October.

This incredible biodiversity provides the perfect environment for a host of species that rely on the salmon as a food source. In addition to the thousands of bald eagles that descend on Harrison Mills every fall, seals, seagulls, bears and sturgeon all rely on the spawning salmon.

To celebrate the natural spectacle of thousands of bald eagles congregating on the Harrison River the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival was established in 1995, while the Bald Eagle Festival is no longer operating, you may do a self-guided Bald Eagle Tour available throughout the year. While some bald eagles are present on the Harrison River year-round, the great congregation runs from October to February peaking in mid-November.

To get a chance to see some of the beauty of Harrison Lake or other natural wonders surrounding Harrison Hot Springs check out one of our great hikes or paddle yourself down the Harrison River. Looking for an easier way to see the sights then climb aboard one of our boat tour companies:

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