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Healing in the Wild

Health and Wellness Inspiration (2 night and 3 days)

Spend time by the lake, river, and mountains re-aligning your mind, body, and soul. Time in the Harrison River Valley will have you immersed in nature, rejuvenating at the spa, savouring farm-to-table cuisine, forest-bathing, biking through farmland, and paddling the waters. Your body and soul were designed to act as one. Let’s nourish it well.

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Day 1: Check in to any of our accommodations and spend the first night, simply, transitioning. This is you time now. Order in from Sushi Kitami Japanese, Black Forest, Milos Greek Taverna, or Taco Rio, cuddle up with a blanket and watch a movie, enjoy a steaming cup of tea and journal, read that book you have been meaning to finish, or have a long, hot soak in a bubble bath with a glass of wine. Tomorrow you can explore the area.

Day 2: Get off to a healthy start with a low carb breakfast bite or smoothie from Muddy Waters. If you are visiting in the winter, start the day with a spa treatment at the Healing Springs Spa  and test the waters with hot spring soaks at Harrison Resort. The hot springs provide a natural cure for diseases and ailments due to the waters’ high mineral content. Head to Phở Hỗ after for a healthy bowl of Phở Vietnamese noodle soup. The afternoon can be spent walking one of our many trails.

In the late spring and summer, we recommend either biking or driving out to Harrison Lavender in Agassiz as roaming the lavender fields will keep you relaxed. From florals to foliage, spend the afternoon in immersive forest-bathing with Ya Doma and Forest Therapy. Hear the forest and be still as you’re guided through the trees. Harrison is a member of the BC Bird Trail –-while walking, see if you can identify the different species.

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A farm-to-table focus is Harrison Corner Café’s and Morgan Bistro’s food philosophy. Choose one restaurant tonight and the other one tomorrow night.

Day 3: With so many delicious items on Muddy’s menu, a second trip is in order and since it’s not possible to come to the Harrison River Valley and not want to be out on the water, that’s what today is about.

Coming in the fall or winter? A covered, heated jet boat adventure with Harrison Eco Tours will have you connecting with various wildlife, particularly the bald eagles. In fact, Harrison Mills, is home to the world’s largest winter bald eagle gathering.  Be sure to bring your binoculars to get close-up views. You can also drive to Sandpiper Resort, and experience the eagle trail that will lead you to the eagle viewing gazebo.

In the summer, lakeside walks are calling.  Practicing stillness is a venerable art in many cultures. Sit on one of our beachside benches and drink in the views as you recharge your spirit.

If you are craving more activity, see Day 2 on our Outdoor Adventure Itinerary for canoeing and kayaking spots. You can always explore on your own or take a guided tour with Harrison Eco Tours.

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