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Cozy Bites & Comfy Stays in the Harrison River Valley

Once again, autumn has descended upon the the Harrison River Valley; painting the region in rich jewel tones and transforming the damp air into morning mists that embrace mountains and weave ribbons of fog through forest branches. Summer’s busy crowds have evaporated and the region shifts into a slower, more relaxed pace. There’s something about this cooler, colourful time of year that calls for cozy bites and comfy stays and we have a wondrous array of options to create an unforgettable fall getaway to the HRV!


How we love to indulge in our favourite comfort foods and decadent desserts after a day spent in the crisp mountain air! From cozy cafes to lively pubs, fast food to fine dining, you’ll find something to suit every appetite and budget! Check out our gallery below for options you’ll love, and you’ll find even more choices here.


Autumn breezes call for a comfy cabin, lodge, or cottage stay! Check out our gallery for a variety of luxurious choices. Find even more accommodations here.

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