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Welcoming Creekside Cheese & Creamery

As the Creekside dairy cows leisurely graze in a lush and tranquil pasture, a busy hive of activity has been taking place behind the scenes on the journey to opening day of Creekside Cheese and Creamery. 

Husband and wife team Johannes and Julaine Treur purchased Creekside Dairy in 2011. As the years passed, they grew their family and their farm; and their love of dairy farming spurred a desire to expand their business further, into cheesemaking. They had already been trying their hand at the craft, making cheese that they served to their family. In 2020, presented with an opportunity to purchase a mobile cheese making facility, they knew this was the springboard they needed to take the next leap. The Treurs purchased the facility, the sale of which came with a provision that the seller (a master cheesemaker), would provide them with hands-on training.

And suddenly, the wheels were in motion, and the first steps to expanding their operations began – the cheesemaking facility was transported to the farm and construction started on a cheese shop and underground cheese cave in November 2020. The Treurs honed and sharpened their cheesemaking skills and produced their first cheeses for the shop in June 2021. Now, using time-honoured methods and traditional techniques along with gentle, ethical care for their beloved herd of Brown Swiss Cows, the Treur Family is excited to present their hand-crafted artisan cheeses to you. 

Thursday, August 19, 2021 marks the opening day of Creekside Cheese and Creamery, a most welcome addition to the Harrison River Valley. The Treur Family has assembled their favourite cheese recipes and have crafted their cheeses with the highest attention to detail, taste, and quality. In addition to their artisan cheese, an innovative self-serve milk dispenser is ready and waiting to fill your glass bottles with fresh, creamy, and delicious organic whole milk! These products join their repertoire of fresh farm products, such as organic eggs from their own pastured hens, locally grown oats and flour, grass-fed beef, and honey from hives right on the farm.

Try one or try them all: their flagship cheese is a rich and buttery Raclette, or try the Garlic Raclette. Then there’s the semi-hard, full flavoured Gouda; or a soft and spreadable Fromage Blanc… have we mentioned the fresh and squeaky cheese curds (perfect for melting into ooey gooey poutine)? You’ll love their Garlic Belper, a hard grating cheese with a robust flavour, and coming in Spring, the La Belle Vallee, mildy sharp with a nutty flavour. 

We warmly welcome Creekside Cheese & Creamery to the Harrison River Valley! Visit them at 3990 Chaplin Road, Agassiz and learn more at

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