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Season of the Wild in the Harrison River Valley

Reignite your child-like sense of wonder and awe during the Harrison River Valley’s Season of the Wild! The Season of the Wild is a tribute to The Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival, whose celebrated event promoted and practiced safe bald eagle viewing for over 25 years. While the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival is no longer operating, their spirited, hard work lives on as we carry forward the event in a reimagined format; and we invite you to take part.

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Season of the Wild is a celebration of the salmon, bald eagles, and sturgeon, of the Harrison River Valley, and an opportunity to observe an incredible natural phenomenon. This region is home to the world’s largest winter gathering of bald eagles. As salmon arrive to our waterways to spawn and thus, end their lifecycle, bald eagles congregate by the thousands to feast on the plentiful bounty. As the waterways splash with frenzied salmon activity, you’ll see a flourish of mighty wings and sharp outstretched talons eagerly capturing their next meal. In addition, this celebration will give you a chance to learn more about the otherworldly giant of the deep: the present-day dinosaur, the white sturgeon.

Wondering where, when, and how to take part? Below are events and activities taking place over the next few months. 

Season of the Wild — Events & Happenings

Take part in the Sturgeon Challenge!

• Restore the Wild With Earthwise Society Farm and Garden 6031 Golf Rd., Agassiz. 604-946-9828
• Shoreline Tours Speaker Series 100 Esplanade Ave., Harrison Hot Springs. 604-796-3100

• Agassiz Harrison Museum Speaker Series – The Story of the Bald Eagles 7011 Pioneer Ave., Agassiz. 604-796-3545
• Kilby Historic Site Eagle Watch 215 Kilby Rd. Harrison Mills. 604-796-9576
• Sasquatch Inn & Pub: Salmon Feast & Storytelling 46001 Lougheed Hwy. Harrison Mills. 604-796-2730
• Shoreline Tours Speaker Series 100 Esplanade Ave. Harrison Hot Springs. 604-796-3100
• Sturgeon Challenge 100 Esplanade Ave. Harrison Hot Springs. 1-877-796-3345

• Agassiz Harrison Museum Speaker Series – The Story of the Salmon 
7011 Pioneer Ave., Agassiz. 604-796-3545

• Agassiz Harrison Museum Speaker Series – The Story of the Sturgeon 
7011 Pioneer Ave., Agassiz. 604-796-3545

Experience the Wild — Self-Guided Trails

Eagle Viewing Gazebo at Sandpiper Resort

• Kilby Provincial Park Loop Trail Start at Kilby Historic Site or at Kilby Park and walk along the beach, then make your way to the dyke. Follow to the Lougheed Highway, and return along School Road. 
• Sandpiper Golf Course Eagle Walk From the Sandpiper parking lot, follow the Eagle signs and walk across Elbow Creek to the Eagle Viewing Gazebo. 
• Qwólts Park & Whippoorwill Point From Harrison Hot Springs Resort, head west towards the Hot Springs Source. From there continue onto the Sandy Cove & Whippoorwill Point Trail 
Note: Eagle viewing is also great along Nicomen Slough on BC Route 7 highway from Dewdney to Deroche, but use caution when parking on roadside.

Discover the Wild — Guided Excursions

We offer a wide range of guided tours

• BC Sportfishing Group 100 Esplanade Ave., Harrison Hot Springs. 1-877-796-3345
• Harrison Eco Tours 100 Esplanade Ave., Harrison Hot Springs. 604-316-4460
• Shoreline Tours 100 Esplanade Ave., Harrison Hot Springs. 604-796-3100
• Fraser River Lodge 7184 Macdonald Rd. Agassiz. 604-796-1210
• Kilby Lodge 76 Kilby Rd. Harrison Mills. 604-316-3988
• Kilby Historic Site 215 Kilby Rd. Harrison Mills. 604-796-9576
• Champ Sportfishing Launches from Kilby Provincial Park. 604-796-2489

Protect the Wild — Conservation & Preservation

Chehalis Flats ((Lhá:lt)

When eagle viewing at Sandpiper Resort, you are looking out on the Chehalis Flats (Lhá:lt).  They are the resting grounds for the spawning salmon and migrating eagles. This is a highly sensitive habitat; kayaking or walking through the flats disturb the eagles and endanger salmon eggs. For the health of the wild, please stay off the flats from October through February.

Guardians of the Wild — Respect the Land

We share the land of the traditional territories of the Sts’ailes, Seabird Island, Sq’ewá:lxw, Cheam, Douglas, Leq’a:mel, Samahquam, Sq’ewlets, and Skatin First Nations. Living in harmony with the wild has always been a sacred belief for Indigenous Peoples. As caretakers and stewards of the land since time immemorial, they are the knowledge keepers and we have much to learn from them. Please respect the land and the wild while participating in wildlife viewing. 

Don’t forget your binoculars and your camera to capture the incredible sights of the Season of the Wild! Click here for Season of the Wild specials on accommodations. We’d love to see your photo captures of the season; please tag @tourismharrison in your photos, and use the hashtags #HarrisonRiverValley or #SeasonOfTheWild! Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to keep up to date with all the happenings in the Harrison River Valley!

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