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Jingle Paws Pet Parade

Join us for the annual Jingle Paws Pet Parade Saturday, November 18th in Harrison Hot Springs! The Parade will depart at 4:35 PM sharp, pre-register to enjoy ‘Pupcakes’ from Fergie’s Doggie Delight Pet Bakery.


PRE-REGISTRATION: We would like to have as many entries pre-registered as possible, so that we can estimate the total number of participants, and have ‘Pupcakes’ ready at the end of the parade. You may pre-register your pet at [email protected]


Pre-registrations will be accepted until Saturday, November 4, 2023, at [email protected]. Please be sure to include your name and your pet’s name.

We will muster at the Beach Tot Playground, east of the Harrison Hot Springs Plaza (across from Milos Greek Taverna) on Saturday, November 18th from 4:15 PM to 4:35 PM. The Jingle Paws Pet Parade departs at 4:35 PM sharp.


  • Please ask your friends to visit at the end of the route rather than in the mustering area, as the dogs are very excited and it can be stressful.
  • If you want to stop along the parade route for photo ops, please step out of line, and then step back in when you’re done, so as not to hold up those walking behind you.
  • It will be fairly dark, so bring a lantern /flashlight if you have one; we do not recommend super-bright lights, as they will shine right in some of the dogs’ eyes.
  • We want all pets to be able to enjoy this social event. If your pet is a diva singer, i.e. constantly barks, please do join us, but keep in mind that it can be nerve fraying for other pets, as well as the people. Consider hanging at the back, or over to the side.
  • As always, it is expected that your pet will be leashed or otherwise contained, and under control at all times. Again, if you have a new pet and you are working on training/socializing, please keep to the back or on the side.

Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions. Otherwise, let the fun begin!

The Jingle Paws Pet Parade will depart from the Beach Tot Playground, east of the Civic Centre Plaza. Sasquatch will lead the parade from the muster area to the boat launch parking area for a Post Parade Pupcake Party! The route is approximately a 10-minute slow walk/stroll along a paved, flat path.

This year’s Jingle Paws Pet Parade is brought to you by:

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