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Canada Day Pet Parade


Today we continue to take time to reflect, learn, and build our back community stronger. Our theme for this years Canada Day Celebration is Celebrating Canada’s Diversity. We honour our relationship and connection to the Sts’ailes People and their territory that we live, work, and play on here in Harrison Hot Springs. Our Canada Day activities will take place in the heart of Harrison Hot Springs, and on the ancient Village of Qwólts, as part of our Celebrating Diversity we recommend all attendees reflect and learn and visit Qwólts Park to learn more about Sts’ailes and the ancient Village of Qwólts.

While our virtual pet parades of the last two years proved to be the most popular events of Harrison’s online Canada Day, we are full steam ahead for a 2022 in-pawson parade.


Some changes, mostly for the comfort of our beloved pets on what is usually a stinking hot day:

PRE-REGISTRATION: We would like to have as many entries pre-registered as possible, so that we can estimate the total number of participants, and have presentations ready at the end of the parade. On Canada Day, there will be a check-in table for pre-registered paraders, plus we will accept a limited number of last minute entrants.

PRIZES FOR ALL: There will be no judging this year; instead, each pet will receive a certificate of participation as well as a small surprise provided by local businesses.


Pre-registrations will be accepted until June 22, 2022, at [email protected]. Please be sure to include your name and your pet’s name. You will then be assigned a registration number.

We will muster on the grass at St. Alice Hall (right beside the Harrison Hot Springs Resort) between 10:00 and 10:15 a.m.

The parade is scheduled to begin at 10:30, heading east down the first block of Esplanade Avenue to the Plaza, where certificates and gifts can be collected.

All well-behaved walkers and their secured pets are welcome in the Canada Day Pet Parade. It is not a requirement that pets or walkers be in costume, but this year’s theme is SHOW US YOUR ROOTS! No, we don’t want to see your grey hair. What is your ancestry? Think English roots – pet dressed as the Queen, Hungarian roots – a Zsa Zsa lookalike. Pets and/or walkers could dress as national foods, flowers, or flags; kilts, lederhosen, Meti sashes, saris, etc. How about a Viking Ship??? Does anyone recall the year we had a cat and owner dressed in matching Mexican sombreros and serapes? I’m told cat and dog Sumo wrestler costumes can be purchased online…as always, the possibilities are endless!

We want you to have fun with this, so please keep things respectful, no political statements, and don’t appropriate someone else’s roots! If you’re not sure and need some feedback, feel free to get in touch with us here at Pet Parade Central.

A number of people receiving this letter will not be participating in the parade, but we will be requiring a few volunteers on Canada Day, before – during – and after the parade, no longer than an hour. Please let me know if you are interested in helping out.

Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions. Otherwise, let the fun begin!

This years Pet Parade is brought to you by: