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Fall is upon us, a time of thick, cozy sweaters, crisp fall breezes, and pumpkin spice everything! Harrison Hot Springs in the fall is a must-see. A palette of colors will dazzle your eyes: deep green fir, cedar, and hemlock; deciduous trees ablaze with color; and the vibrant blues of lake and sky. If you crave a fall getaway and would love some restorative and relaxing time, consider a weekday getaway! Local accommodations, restaurants, and attractions will be far less busy than on a weekend; and you’ll find some great deals!


Firstly, a great advantage of a fall vacation is that many accommodations will offer a discounted “off season” rate. Pair that with getting away on the less-busy weekdays and you’ve got a win/win!
Since most people take getaways on weekends, hotels will often offer discounted mid-week packages to attract people in to fill more rooms. Check out our DEALS for the seasons’ best rates! By investing a few minutes of research, you’ll reap some terrific savings. (And, if you stay at the resort, you’ll find that the pools are blissfully peaceful during the week).


Credits: wildlikekay on Instagram

Maybe you prefer to “rough it,” fall is a beautiful time to go camping. A mid-week getaway means you’ll have your pick of prime campsites, and with far fewer people camping in the fall, you’ll have an incredibly peaceful retreat. Although some campgrounds close for the fall/winter season, there are campgrounds in the area that offer camping year-round; for example, at Kilby Provincial Park, and Deer Lake in Sasquatch Provincial Park. Camping in the fall saves you money, too: both of these campgrounds have discounted off-season rates.


Credits: HarrisonResort on Twitter

What’s the benefit of dining midweek? Your favorite café, restaurant, or pub will very likely be less busy during the week, which equates to no line-ups, speedy service and a quiet ambience. Another plus: eateries usually offer weekday specials to draw people in.


Credits: Danny Chan

Even in the off-season, you’ll still find so much to do and see, and visiting mid-week means great savings. Visit SANDPIPER RESORT during the week and you’ll pay significantly less for a round of golf than you’d pay on the weekend. You’ll also have a much bigger choice of available tee-times during the week. Plus, Sandpiper is an excellent place to see the bald eagles that converge on the area in fall. They even have an eagle viewing platform!

Speaking of eagles, it’s a great idea to come midweek for eagle viewing: if you want to set up and do photography, you’ll have lots of room to set up your camera without jostling for the perfect spot with other photographers. Or, if you prefer to take a boat tour, there will likely be fewer people on the boat during the week than on the weekend. Lots of room to move around and get the best viewpoints!

WEAVER CREEK SPAWNING CHANNEL is a fantastic place to witness nature in action as it is teeming with salmon spawning in the fall. Hundreds of splashing, swimming salmon are truly an amazing sight to see. Because this attraction is free, weekends can get quite busy. Visit on a weekday and your visit will feel like a leisurely stroll through the park.

Enjoy your fall getaway! If you’d like more information about these or other Weekday Getaways in Harrison Hot Springs, visit our WEBSITE or stop by the Visitor Centre.

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