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Heal in the Wild | Harrison River Valley

For thousands of years, the Indigenous people of this land have recognized the profound healing power of nature. In fact, the hot mineral waters of Harrison Hot Springs were known and revered as “the healing place” by local First Nations long before the European settlers arrived. From soothing mineral waters to the medicinal properties of plant life; from the sustenance of salmon to the ceremonial uses of cedars, there has existed a deep, sacred and spiritual connection to the land.

In the daily hustle of modern life, stress has become a leading cause of illness and disease. It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and think you’ll start getting healthier “when you have time”. Nature is always ready and waiting; it’s free and gives so much without expecting anything in return.

Head into nature and you’ll discover that the healing benefits are immediate. Imagine sitting next to the Harrison Lake shore; watching shorebirds hop and peck at the sand while hearing the waves gently rolling in. Picture yourself at the Harrison River in the fall; seeing majestic eagles soaring against a brilliant backdrop of colorful fall leaves. Then there’s the spellbinding fragrance of cedar and fir trees releasing their woodsy scent in the heat of a summer day. The feeling of wonder we get when we look up at the soaring heights of a tree or feel the floaty mist of a roaring waterfall is known to calm and reduce stress.

You’ve probably heard the term “forest bathing” — this activity became popular in Japan in the 1950s where it is known as Shinrin Yoku. Forest bathing is the act of spending time in nature; and soaking in all the benefits a natural environment has to offer. Walking through the forest has the ability to quiet the chatter in your mind, melt away stress, and reset your thoughts in a more positive direction. These benefits aren’t based on fanciful and fantastical theories, they are scientifically proven. 

Spending time in nature: – lowers blood pressure – reduces stress – helps fight depression – lessens anxiety – boosts immunity – accelerates recovery time from illness – improves sleep – improves memory retention and concentration – reduces inflammation – sparks creativity – increases levels of Vitamin D 

There’s no shortage of activities you can do in the Harrison River Valley to start your journey to healing. In every kind of weather, and through any season, you can reap the rewards our beautiful natural surroundings offer. Guided nature therapy walks, quiet and contemplative fly fishing, a bike ride through the countryside, watching a cascading waterfall, hiking to a stunning viewpoint, a lakefront picnic, paddle-powered canoeing or kayaking, birdwatching, golfing, camping, nature photography, and so much more.

Make this the year you begin a journey to wellness. Heal in the Wild of the Harrison River Valley. 

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